Provision-ISR New Zealand

Provision-ISR - Exclusively Distributed by SWL

Provision-ISR’s range of devices, encompasses different camera series, specifically designed to help the installers to find the best suited solution for their customers. We’re able to meet the needs of any kind of customer: from those who seek a professional CCTV line able to guarantee the best image quality, to those who look for the best price conditions, without forgetting the ones who have to deal with “special installation” needs!

Knowledge is Power

In today’s CCTV market, where products and technologies change every few months, knowledge is the keyword, and we believe that delivering the information all the way from the manufacturer through the entire chain all the way to the installer is our responsibility. Provision-ISR’s technical specialists, release a new How-to-tutorial every time a new solution is launched into the market. Technical webinars are periodically organised to update Provision-ISR customers about product upgrades or new features.

Full Compatibility with Other Brand Devices

We believe that the installer shouldn’t be forced to choose between brands or technologies. What does it mean? Provision-ISR solutions have been designed to be compatible with the ones of other brands. Our HD cameras allow the installer to select the output and they are well-matched with any recorder machine available in the market: TVI, CVI, AHD, ANALOG Our HIBRID DVRs allow the installer to connect each and every channel to the technology they want! Each channel automatically recognises the connected device.

Simple & Intuitive Software and Apps

According to Provision-ISR philosophy “advanced” shouldn’t be a synonymous with “complicated”. This is why our Israeli engineers aim at developing advanced software solutions keeping the user interface simple and intuitive. Do you need an example? Today, thanks to the APP Provision CAM2, you can easily manage your face database with your smartphone!

Attention to the Latest Technologies Trends

Provision-ISR software developers always keep an eye on technological developments. Our software and apps follow the latest trend in the technology market, such as: virtual reality, gaming, social networks sharing and touch gesture. See first-hand!

Brand Philosophy

Since the beginning, Provision-ISR’s professional ethics has led the company to “protect” all the players in the supply chain, from the big distributor to the small installer, respecting the professionalism of each one. In Provision-ISR’s eyes, each “link” (manufacturer, distributor, installer and end user) follows his own role within the chain and makes it perfect! Both the distributors and the installers who choose Provision-ISR, feel confident with the Brand who daily demonstrates its approach with concrete action: for instance, unlike other manufacturers, Provision-ISR discourages online sales.

One Stop Shop

Provision-ISR represents a One-Stop-Shop for all CCTV product needs. Our range of products includes a full series of tested and reliable accessories, many of which are specifically designed for the CCTV market! The CCTV mode function featuring Provision-ISR PoE Switches, is just an example of the above mentioned.