Provision-ISR OC-MSCL-S Small Management Server
SKU 33902
Provision-ISR OC-MSCL-S Small Management server or Dedicated Client 128ch
Key Features
256 Channel support
64 Recorder support
Live View and Playback
E-Map Monitoring
Analytics Support
ONVIF Camera Support
Auto Report Service Support
PTZ Support
Audio Support
Alarm Support
Mobile App Support
OC-MSCL-S (DT) server/workstation is mainly developed for small to medium-sized security systems. Provision-ISR delivers a winning solution to the field of security with a designated hardware that runs embedded Ossia CMS. This design makes the system far more stable, cost-worthy, and simple to use. As a result, the device is fully dedicated to its task – CCTV management and operation.