Provision-ISR OC-TS(1U) Transfer Server
SKU 33914
Provision-ISR OC-TS(1U) Transfer server
Key Features
High Performance x86 Hardware
Xeon Processor
8GB DDR RAM (Expandable)
WEB interface for configuration
4 x 1Gbps Network Interfaces
Load Balancing / Network Redundancy Support
Multicast – Bypassing the recorder login limit
Provision-ISR’s Transfer server is designed to stream massive ammounts of data from the video devices (IPC/DVR/NVR) to the recording servers and viewing clients. The Transfer Server also converts unicast to multicast so one connection to the recording device can provide video to multiple clients. The transfer server should be used under 2 circumstances: 1) When there is a need to expand the system’s bandwidth. 2) Allow you the freedom to choose what will be the route from the video devices to the clients.