Provision-ISR DEC-0104(1U) Decoder
SKU 33918
Provision-ISR DEC-0104(1U) Decoder
Key Features
4 HDMI Output (Total)
2 x 4K Screen Output
1 HDMI Input
Audio Support
Live View
Alarm Popup View
Playback View
PTZ control
Up to 8MP Decoding
The ideal solution for control rooms. Provision-ISR DEC-0104(1U) decoder makes the difference when it comes to durability. The decoder can display up to 144 channels on 4 separate screens, taking the most resource demanding task from the client – to itself. By doing so, the client is left free to deal with the CCTV unexpected tasks such as handling events, playback, alarms, etc… Each of the 144 windows is dynamic: the user can choose if to use it as a live window, playback window, or an alarm pop-up window!