Provision-ISR SH-4100A5N-2L(MM) 4CH Hybrid DVR 4x AHD +1CH IP 1x HDD  No HDD inc

Provision-ISR SH-4100A5N 4CH AHD +1CH IP Hybrid DVR

SKU 33742
  • Analogue Video Inputs - 4CH Standard BNC (AHD)
  • IP Video Inputs - Hybrid Modes with switch. IP Max 2Mp (1080P, 4 Mbps)
  • Max Input/ Output - Max 5CH 1080P Lite inc + 1x IP or 5x IP channels (max 20 Mbps)
  • Recording - 4CH 1080P Lite (looks like HD but records in 960x1080) and 960P CVBS
  • Max Decoding - See specification sheet, max output 12 Mbps
  • Video Compression - High profile H.264
  • PTZ Support - RS-485 / IP. Supports Pelco D/P, Samsung, ONVIF S
  • APP Support - Provision CAM2 for iOS/ Android
Display Outputs - HDMI 1,VGA (1280 x 1024)
Storage - 1x HDD bay. Max 6Tb. Not included
Ethernet Port - 100 Mbps (RJ-45)
Alarm Input / Output - None Integral - IP cameras only
Dimensions - 255mm (W) x 220mm (D) x 43mm (H)
Storage Options: 1Tb (46072); 2Tb (46073); 4Tb (46075); 6Tb (460751)
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