Provision-ISR PR-JB14IP66
SKU 34072
Provision-ISR PR-JB14IP66: IP66 Junction Box For I6 Bullets VF Turrets & Domes
Key Features
Suitable for New S2 Models:
* I6 New Bullet Camera (All Models)
* DAI-VF New Dome Anti-Vandal Camera (All Models)
* DI-VF New Dome Camera (All Models)
Old Models:
* AHD Eyeball camera with VF lens (DI-xxxAHDVF / DI-xxxAHDxVF), (All Series)
* IP Bullet Camera with VF/MVF lens (I4/I5/I8-xxxIPxVF), (All Series and lenses)
* IP Eyeball camera with VF lens (DI-xxxIPxVF), (All Series)