Provision ISR DW-320FR-MVF2 Smart Series 2Mp Face Recognition
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Provision ISR DW-320FR-MVF2 Smart Series 2Mp Face Rec WDR IR60m IP67 7-22mm
Key Features
1/2.8” CMOS
Resolution: 1920x1080/25FPS (2MP)
Lens: 7-22mm MVF with Auto Focus (44°- 17.6°)
H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG** Compression
Face Detection, Face Recognition***
Face Database: Up to 10000 faces*** Add face via WEB or VMS***
Recognition distance: 60cm - 12m distance***
2MP FACE DETECTION/RECOGNITION MOTORIZED VARIFOCAL LENS DOME/TURRET CAMERA Equipped with a 7-22mm motorized lens, this 2MP face detection and recognition camera has been designed for special requirements such as attendance control, tracking by face, vip greetings and more. Thanks to its advanced algorithm and strong processor, DW-320FR-MVF2 camera makes an ideal solution for scenarios where facial recognition is required.